have u ever been in a mood to destroy your relationship with everyone you know

Petition to call trans women "real women" from now on







Let’s piss of cis* women.

How about no, you mysogynistic bitch?

I’m laughing so hard bcos

> “Misogyny!!!”

> Misogynistic slur

Real Social Justice Warriors will never cease to…

mysogynistic bitch”

Am I the only one seeing that lol

Anonymous asked
Doctors dont assign you your sex your genitals do



I wasn’t aware genitals were able to write things down on paper, lmao, thanks anon

a girl is born: her little peanut dick lengthens and writhes with tentacular musculature to seize a pen and place her mark in a ticky box on the form held by a nearby birth attendant. unfortunately a different box from the one the newborn intended, which goes on to cause any number of problems in later life.

all because she couldn’t read.

perinatal illiteracy causes untold suffering but you can help. please, give generously.


I really cannot comprehend how anyone could look at transmisogynist violence and exploitation perpetrated by cis women against trans women and claim that’s a lateral violence deal.

Cis women literally wrote the rulebook for denying us medical care in the successful efforts to slowly exterminate us, your discourse is broken as fuck if you think cis women do not possess violent and exploitative institutional social capital over trans women






That wiki article is horrible. BUT KILLUA SISTER IS A TRANS GIRL.

I’m uber spoiled, but I don’t care. I love this manga. I forgive Togashi.

Have you read Yu Yu Hakusho and Level E? If not, suffice it to say Togashi likes sprinkling GLBT characters into a story where it’d be interesting or make sense.

YEs he likes :) (that’s good to know that I’m not the only one who thinks that this article should be written using feminine words…)

Togashi is absolutely fantastic regarding the spectrum of sexualities, gender, etc.
In Yu Yu Hakusho, he originally planned for Kurama and Hiei to be together, but changed that decision based on the fact that a previous manga with gay characters wasn’t a big hit. He and his wife, I think, have done a lot to produce anime and manga with open minds and acceptance

Togashi is absolutely fantastic regarding the spectrum of sexualities, gender, etc.”

Wow , shut the fuck up!

Miyuki wouldnt agree with that :3


Terfs who pretend that a trans girl minor is a predator simply for existing or speculate on trans girl minors’ bodies and genitalia or sexual behaviors are pedophiles.

No ifs ands or buts. Any Terf that creeps like that on a trans girl minor is a pedophile. You just think you’re hiding it, creeper, but everyone knows what you are.


if a 16 year old girl who has a history of being sexually assaulted by her family and guardians since age eight attacks a caretaker (who is later fired for misconduct), you’d expect most people to support her healing.

if she’s trans, you can expect most people to support her extended imprisonment with adult men.